Anhui Golden Pastrol Wood Structure Corp.,Ltd is a design Hefei Blue Stone Group investment, production, sales, installation, sale and one of the five specialized manufacturing wooden architecture. Currently has nearly twenty thousand square meters of modern standard factory buildings, world-class production facilities (power equipment, wooden processing center Hundegger Germany, Germany Unimat 6 wooden windows processing center, Biesse doors and windows processing center), professional technical and management personnel, the unique production technology and the world's advanced anti-corrosion, pest control, moisture-proof technology. Our company produces wooden houses not only beautiful, practical, but also ecological, environmental, health, seismic, magnetic and other features. The company according to customer requirements for you to customize various types and styles of wooden villas, and offers a variety of wooden architecture design for tourism, outdoor development, club, Hall and other format requirements. In addition, we also have a joint venture with foreign companies in the production of high-end solid wood doors and windows, and for the sale of the European pine and spruce timber doors and timber.

Key Partner Agencies
First class partner to ensure that the Anhui golden pastoral wood structure of the entire production line automation, bid farewell to the labor-intensive extensive processing mode of production. Each link of synchronous CNC production equipment to ensure that the products are all closed, ultra precision, high environmental protection, no pollution, the production of organic integration of Canada, northern Europe, Japan and the United States wood structure of advanced processing technology products, from the full significance of taking to fill the gaps in the market China, strive to create the China residential integration demonstration base.
  • Germany Whitman Company


    Germany Whitman company - founded in 1891, production of the main types of standard and glued spruce wood, and undertake all kinds of custom wood construction, the European glued timber industry pioneer.

  • Poland Poldan company


    Poland Poldan company - founded in 1980, currently has two timber processing plants, specializes in logs finished processing, the main products are: windows, wood furniture, boards, wooden, doors, wood frame and sheet metal.

  • Nanjing Forestry University


    Nanjing Forestry University - the most authoritative Chinese National Key Forestry University, the school-based wood construction is China's only professional wooden structure. School-enterprise transport company two-way real-oriented professionals through cooperation with the school system is.

  • Southwest Forestry University School


    Southwest Forestry University School of Materials Engineering, eleven formerly Southwest Forestry University in southwest Wood Science and Decoration Engineering, Forestry University, in September 2001 an independent college, Southwest Forestry University is a so engineering-based teaching and research faculty. The company and the Southwest Forestry University co-founded the company set up in my teaching and research base and Master degree postgraduate training base. Class partners to ensure the full automation rural Anhui Golden wooden structure production lines, bid farewell to the extensive labor-intensive production process. Various aspects of the production equipment to ensure product synchronization NC closed, ultra-precise, high environmental protection, pollution-free, organic integration of production in Canada, Northern Europe, Japan, the United States and other advanced processing technology wooden structure, complete sense from suppliers to fill the Chinese market blank, and strive to build China's residential integration demonstration bases.

The main production equipment
  • 01Germany Chalet processing center Hundegger

    The device is connected to the multifunctional axis, multi-axis dimension xyz is an imported from Germany, the world's leading automated processing equipment. The device can be minimized by rotating member 20x50mm drilling unit 360 ° agencies workpiece dimensions, each unit type milling process takes no more than 10 seconds, all controlled by the CNC program.

  • 02Germany Unimat 6 wooden windows machining center

    The devices are equipped with an independent motor, powerful, table with chrome technology, with a strong anti-wear properties. The left and right arbor, to ensure that all valid tenon tenoning and milling completed in the same procedure, without size limitations, compared with the same equipment, productivity increased by 7%.

  • 03Biesse doors and windows processing center

    The company introduced from Italy biesse processing equipment, designed for wooden doors, wooden windows, leisure furniture, outdoor wood products processing and production. Italy biesse company has been committed to developing and manufacturing high-tech CNC machining centers, woodworking machinery industry leader in providing the most advanced furniture, the whole line of wood, marble and glass production and processing, as well as a full range of solutions.

  • 04Germany Unimat318 moulders

  • 05Charring Kiln

    The introduction of Korean technology, wood drying equipment is the world's leading vacuum drying and charring wood special equipment. Different from other corrosion of equipment comprising:
    (1) without any soaking syrup digester, no drug residues, is a pure environmental protection equipment.
    (2)high-temperature carbonization principle is to eliminate the nutrient timber, so as to solve corrosion problems fundamentally.
    (3)after charring wood without distortion, good stability.

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